[UPSC Interview Transcript #38] :P.K Joshi Board, Karnataka Home State, Sociology Optional, Watching Movies Hobby

Interview Date: 19/02/2020 Afternoon Session
Board: Prof. P.K Joshi
Background: Engineering
Employee: Commercial Tax Dept.
Home State: Karnataka
Optional: Sociology
Hobby: Watching Movies


  1. You have completed your Engineering in 2014 and working in Commercial Tax Dept, GoK. Tell me about the nature of your work.
  2. How your Engineering knowledge is helping in your present work?
  3. Tell me about different software that you have used during your Engineering. Does any of it hold relevance in your present work?
  4. If you are made the commissioner of the Commercial Tax Dept of your state what measures would you take to double the GST collections in a specified period?
  5. Tell me some unique features of your state Karnataka

Member 1

  1. There is ongoing Rural to urban migration in India. What are the main reasons for this trend?
  2. In China there are restrictions on Rural to Urban migration. Should such restrictions be introduced in India?
  3. What are the problems of migrant poors?
  4. As an administrator, what measures would you take to address these problems?
  5. How to make cities safe for women?
  6. Tell me about changing trends in the Kannada film industry?
  7. Have you watched any of Mr. Girish Kasaravalli’s movies?
  8. You seem to be soft-spoken. The work you do is enforcement activities including search and seizure which creates fear among people. How do you manage it?

Member 2

  1. Why is the Indian export slowing down? How can we boost the export in the present economic scenario?
  2. What are the problems with respect to the manufacturing sector in India?
  3. How to ensure the quality of manufactured products match the global standards?
  4. You are working in Tax Department after holding Engineering degree.
  5. Are you satisfied with the work you are doing?
  6. What motivated you to shift from the Engineering stream to civil service?

Member 3

  1. So you’re Mithun.
  2. What’s the meaning of your name? Have you heard of a cattle in the northeast named “Mithun”?
  3. Imagine I’m a Jallikattu activist and you’re Mithun (the cattle), make a convincing argument against the sport.
  4. Tell me about the philosophy and preachings of Sri Narayana Guru and Basavanna?
  5. In the land of Basavanna, we have lately seen the murders of Gauri Lankesh and M.M Kalburgi. Is the intolerance growing in the state of Karnataka in particular and India in general?
  6. How to promote positive ideological interaction in our society? Suggest some measures.

Member 4

  1. When we talk of Karnataka, one name that comes to my mind is that of Field Marshal Cariappa. He once stated that there is a need for military rule in India. What’s your opinion on this?

Chairman: Thank you.

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