[UPSC Interview Transcript #40] :Smita Nagraj Ma’am Board, Assam Home State, PSIR Optional, Technical blog writing, Walking every day Hobbies

Interview Date: 21th February 2020, Afternoon session
Board: Smita Nagraj Ma’am
Background: B.Tech(IT) Assam University, Silchar
Employee: Huawei technology in Bangalore
Optional: PSIR
Home State: Assam
Hobbies: technical blog writing, Walking every day


  1. What are you doing currently?
  2. How is your working experience in Huawei?
  3. Why Huawei is in news? Why so many allegations?
  4. What implication on 5G implementation in India?
  5. Which is more threat – a state-controlled company or an individual-owned company?
  6. Your personal experience regarding firewalls & security in Huawei & is it effective?
  7. In which field of civil services do you wish to work & your priorities?

Member 1

  1. Law & order situation in UP?
  2. Why vacancy of DGP post or Chief secretary post?
  3. Police commissioner system in UP & its effectiveness?
  4. 2 top priority as Chief secretary of UP & counter-question?
  5. Food processing sector issue?
  6. Issue of fertilizers & pesticides in agriculture?
  7. US-Iran issue & implications on India?

Member 2

  1. Tell me something about Agra apart from the Taj Mahal?
  2. Any other things named as “Taj Mahal”?
  3. Blogging? Recent post which you have written?
  4. 5G vs 4G technologies?
  5. Why telecom companies are in distress? Can we still implement 5G technology in India?
  6. Difference b/w walking & jogging?
  7. As DM of Agra, how to stop harmful chemical use in vegetables?
  8. Tell few names of these chemicals?

Member 3

  1. Theme of budget 2020-21 & its pillars?
  2. Why new tax regime & implications on revenue?
  3. FRBM Act & fiscal deficit targets?
  4. Is it good to breach these targets or not & implications?
  5. FTAs – impacts on India?
  6. Huawei: meaning, logo & link with China?
  7. CEA mentioned few acts/policies which negatively impacted Indian economy, can you tell the name of these acts

Member 4

  1. The issue in Assam?
  2. Whats is the problem with the internet in Assam?
  3. Why current violence in Assam?
  4. Why so many frequent cases of gunfire & its implications & how to prevent such cases?
  5. Smita ma’am: your interview is over. Most questions are from DAF & current affairs. Overall good experience

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