[UPSC Interview Transcript #43] :Bhim Sen Bassi Board, Telangana Home State, Mechanical engineering

Contributed by ForumIAS community member
Duration: 25 mins
Board: Bhim Sen Bassi
Background: Mechanical engineering
Home State: Telangana


  1. Very welcoming and greeted in Telugu ‘’Mr. Reddy Kurchondi”
  2. Came directly to point-Why do you want to join cs
  3. Being a mechanical engineer tata Ashok Leyland pays you a lot of money why not that?
  4. are you coming for that power dadagiri and all?
  5. Chalo if I don’t give you a car, half of your salary will you still serve?

Member 1

  1. What are we referring to when we say war targets and what do our forces target?
  2. tell me about UAV and manned vehicle difference
  3. what are the strategies adopted by army at border
  4. what are other applications of UAV
  5. tell me about Narayana junior clg and type of teaching there
  6. did it help in your mechanical engg

Member 2

She was facing the chairman and looking behind to ask qstns

  1. tell me about ne insugency
  2.  forest rights act
  3.  no of tribals in Telangana
  4. what is vipassana(daf)

Member 3

cordial of everyone

  1.  what is trickle-down economics
  2.  what is an alternative theory
  3.  what is welfare economics
  4.  what must state adopt
  5.  what is karting
  6. what exactly did you do
  7.  do you drive in a race

Member 4

his voice was very low could not even listen qstn

  1.  not able to listen said sorry sir I cant hear- he skipped the question
  2.  what is the thermocouple
  3.  New development has come in painting tell me


Final authenticity check

  1. 1 what did you do as a traffic commando
  2. 2 tell me date time and year He said Thank you- I was still in mood of the interview did not leave-he told to leave politely?
  3. Stopped me again, showed my photo, and asked if it is me #bassithings
  4. Overall board was cordial.

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