[UPSC Interview Transcript #44] :Smita Nagraj Board, Bihar Home State, PSIR Optional, Hockey, Boxing, and Mountaineering Chess, Cross Country Running and trekking Hobbies

Interview Date: 21st Feb Forenoon
Board: Smita Nagaraj Mam
Background: B.A. Political Science
Home State: Bihar
Optional: PSIR
Hobbies Hockey, Boxing, and Mountaineering Chess, Cross Country Running and trekking
Awards: Had Won GOC UB Area Best in Leadership Trophy, Student Coordinator Youth Pravasi Bhartiya Divas 2019


  1. You are 21 and graduated in 2019 only. Don’t you think that you should do some research, gain some experience in a job and then appear for Civil Services?
  2. What are the other ways except for Civil Services and Defence Services through which you can serve the country? What are qualities of a leader?
  3. Your haircut is like a military personnel. In defence when a leader says right then subordinates move right and when he says left, subordinates move left. But it doesn’t happen in Civils. How will you handle such a situation?
  4. There are people much more experienced than you and know tricks of the game. If they happen to your subordinates, what will be your approach? They may dupe you.
  5. Why people don’t want to work and how will you motivate them?
  6. You said we should have rule of law not rule of men. In your home state,it doesn’t seem to happen. Your views?
  7. Your favourite leader? – Dr Kalam Why? What is Vision 2020?
  8. Is it because he also wished to join Air Force initially?
  9. Had light moment and everyone burst into laughter
  10. Last Question- Tell me difference between ‘Tell leader’ and ‘Sell leader’?

Member 1

  1. What do you know about his academic records?
  2. Should a person who has failed 10th exam be a role model for youngsters?
  3. What is the condition of Indian economy? What are green shoots which you just said? Steps taken by Govt. and February monetary policy? How to boost growth?
  4. What is constitutional scheme to manage financial relations between Centre and states? Why states are unhappy? Terms of reference of 15th Finance Commission? Why southern states are protesting?

Member 2

  1. Continuing from leadership, what are types of leadership?
  2. Let me explain it for you, if one type is autocratic leadership. What are others?
  3. What kind of leader is Abiy Ahmed Ali?
  4. Said I am unable to recall his contributions.
  5. What do you think about merger of overseas affairs ministry and MEA?
  6. probably based on my participation in PBD 2019
  7. What was the impact of dissolution of USSR on Indian foreign policy?
  8. Can Indian states also breakdown like USSR?

Member 3

  1. You have won Sword of Honour named after a Air Chief Marshal, who is the present Air Chief?
  2. What is CDS? To whom does he report directly PM or DM?
  3. You have done your graduation from Varanasi, I think Swachh Bharat Mission was started from Varanasi. What has been the impact of SBM in Varanasi? Ok now tell me it impacts all over the country?
  4. China has been claiming rights over Arunachal Pradesh. Should we do the same for Tibet? What do you know about South China Sea Dispute?
  5. Countries involved and PCA ruling?

Member 4

  1. How many times India has won Gold medal (Hockey) in Olympics? Years? Last time?
  2. Why not winning since then?
  3. Your hopes for Olympics 2020?
  4. What do you know about gol Ghar? ( Important place in Patna)
  5. How far is it from Gandhi Maidan? Counter- Tell me the exact distance??
  6. Said sorry Sir, I am unable to recall the exact distance
  7. coming back to leadership. Let’s assume that you have qualities of a leader but still you commit a mistake. How will you respond?
  8. I am giving you a quote. Decipher this for us, ” Now, we have guided missiles and misguided Men”.
  9. As a leader, how will you guide those misguided Men?

Chairman your interview is over. You may go. Our best wishes for your future endeavours.

  1. I was third to go. Interview lasted for almost 35 minutes. Overall Board was cordial.
  2. My half of interview revolved around leadership. Chairman mam asked me lots of counter questions. Some people call it grilling but I never felt so.
  3. Had post vibes at last. Felt better than mocks.

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