[UPSC Interview Transcript #45] :Sujata Mehta Board, Tamilnadu Home State, Political Science Optional,

Duration: 30 mins
Board: Sujata Mehta
Background: B.Sc Agriculture
Optional: Political Science
Employee: Working in Agriculture Department
Home State: Tamilnadu


  1. Introduce yourself to the board
  2. Tell me about your work nature…
  3. What is E-Governance
  4. Do we have network connectivity all over India and follow up questions on Internet connectivity

Member 1

  1. Differnce between presidential and parliamentary form of government
  2. which one is best for India
  3. India is moving towards USA does it mean we r moving away from Russia
  4. What is End of Ideology thesis and multipolarity
  5. In what way social media helps the government
  6. What about fake news
  7. How will you address privacy

Member 2

  1. Tell me the leadership qualities
  2. You want to be a Leader or Boss
  3. when a higher official puts pressure on you to do something which is against the law what will you do…
  4. Communism or capitalism which one is best and why

Member 3

  1. If you are a Tourism secretary how will you promote Tourism in the country
  2. What is the controversy between Periyar and Rajini
  3. Asked about Cine stars entering politics and hero workship culture of India…
  4. whether the present generation youth has come out of it or not
  5. About GM crops and health impacts associated with that
  6. Turkey and Malaysia speaking against India, What India should do?Whether India’s reply isinadequate or we need to do more

Member 4

  1. Tell me the Israel Model of Agriculture
  2. Can we replicate the same in India
  3. Climate-smart agriculture and follow up questions on the same topic
  4. Is cooperative farming possible in India
  5. Whatever measures we take corruption prevails in the country…How we should address Corruption…

Chairman: You want us to ask any area
Thank you
Few questions I forgot the Overall cordial board…

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