[UPSC Interview Transcript #46] :Bassi Sir Board, Chemical Engineering Background

Duration: 25 mins, Forenoon Session
Board: Bassi Sir
Background: B Tech, IIT D, Chemical Engineering

Member 1

  1. Is this your photo?
  2. why no mustache now?
  3. tell me about this CAA, why people are protesting?
  4. how will you handle protesters who are blocking a connecting road?

Member 2

  1. What chemical is used for cloud seeding?
  2. What is the problem of locust, which pesticide we use
  3. what is the problem i=of killing locust with pesticide
  4. which states are affected
  5. what is the long term solution (was not prepared on this topics, things didn’t go well)

Member 3

  1. what are the challenges between India US relations ( i said sir 4 points – better military co-operation, IP laws of India, VISA rules for Indians, opening up farm sector of India, etc )
  2. which President according to you has been best for India ( i was going to say Obama, but read somewhere that it was Bush, Civil Nuclear Cooperation, and all that, he seemed satisfied
  3. can you tell which all presidents have visited India, I said Nixon, Kennedy, Clinton, bush, Obama, and now Donald Trump, not sure if I missed someone )
  4. what is the main dilemma before the USA in promoting India in indo-pacific

Member 4

  1. what chemical is used as nerve gas, phosgene, etc
  2. convention on the use of chemical warfare is India signatory to it
  3. what will be the impact of coronavirus in trade and overall impact on Indian economy ( i said sir mobile, ac, medicines, will become expensive ), he said what we can do, I said sir make in India
  4. what is the challenge before the steel industry from China, the USA
  5. solar issue wrt USA and china ( mainly trade questions, I answered some, some I said I don’t know ) – are subsidies good or bad


  1. you read books, which book you have read last
  2. tell me what you liked about the book
  3. last question, why you want to join IAS

(was not convinced at all )

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