[UPSC Interview Transcript #47] :RN. Choubey Board, Anthropology Optional, Reading & Trekking Hobby

Interview Date – 24 Feb, 20
Board: R N Choubey
Background: B. Tech-CSE, MBA (business economics)
Employee: Pertains to Agri trade
Optional – Anthropology
Hobby– Reading, trekking


  1. Tell me about yourself?
  2. what is a soil health card?
  3. what is pmfby? do you think it is successful? what is the need for soil health card? don’t remember 1 more question

Member 1

  1. what is precision agriculture? what is quantum computing? what did you not like in B.Tech?
  2. what would you like to change?

Member 2

  1. Why did you take anthropology? what did anthropology teach you?
  2. AGR-telcom? many counter questions
  3. case study-what if your subordinate commits a mistake while writing a report which you forwarded
  4. to the senior. He presented the report and appreciated you. Later you come to know about it?

Member 3

  1. Issues of the economy? why rural consumption demand is poor?
  2. Trekking, its effect on environment and solution? which right is the most imp right as per you?

Member 4

  1. Immunity available to the governor?
  2. What is gvc? gvc in food products?
  3. multiple state capitals-views?
  4. 2-3 questions I forgot that M2 and M4 asked.
  5. Very cordial board esp the chairman

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