[UPSC Interview Transcript #49]: Mr. RN. Choubey Board, Civil Engineering Background

IFoS 2019 Interview Transcript
Interview Date: 10th Feb 2020, Afternoon
Board: Mr. R.N.Choubey
Background: Civil Engineering


1. Tell me about your academic and professional experience in a minute.
2. Why did you then choose Forest service?
3. Coal mining vs Forest conservation in the background of our energy needs.
4. What is the hydel power potential of India and how much is being utilised?
5. Large hydel projects or many small hydel projects to meet energy needs.

Member 1

1. Tell me about endangered species
2. How will use your Production Engineering knowledge to increase the productivity of forests?
3. Tell me about Shola forests

Member 2

1. Why is there a slowdown in the automobile sector?
2. Why is there a slowdown in the economy and its reasons.
3. What should be done to increase the purchasing power of people?
4. What factors are responsible for increasing the growth rate of the economy?

Member 3

1. Natural resource use is low in India why is it so? And how do we improve it?
Chairman: Thank you. Your interview is over.

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