[UPSC Interview Transcript #5] Pk Joshi Board, Odisha Home State, Infosys employee

Contributed by ForumIAS community member
Board: Pk Joshi
Date: 18th Feb,20  Afternoon
Employee: Infosys training centre, Mysore 
Home State:


  1. Worked in Infosys – why u left.
  2. Different types of educational Boards apart from CBSE.
  3. Compare two states on various parameters
  4. Human Development Index

Member 2

  1. Chilika lake how tropical cyclone affects it and what u can do it to protect it.
  2. Saura tribe in parlakhemudi.
  3. Tribal issue of Odisha
  4. Naxal issue of Odisha

Member 3

  1. Infosys Mysore learning centre
  2. How you managed everything with the tight training schedule
  3. 4 years gone after you left your job don’t you feel exhausted. Women in the army
  4. Women reservation needed internet protection Sarba Shiksha Abhiyan

Member 4

  1. Migration taking place from Odisha what will you u do as dm.
  2. Construction activity vs agriculture
  3. Technology use in administration and how to deal with unproductive employees

Member 5

  1. Airforce stations where your father served.
  2. IAF- Assam station which station name it and which fighter aircraft it has.
  3. Bihar migrants from Assam what you will do as a district admin.
  4. Qualities of your FATHER and what u learnt from him.
  5. Name the eminent personality who has contributed a lot in the republic of India and his father was in the British army (BR Ambedkar) – gave two hints but was not able to answer.
  6. What u have learnt from BR Ambedkar

Chairman– your interview is over

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