[UPSC Interview Transcript #50]: Contributed by ForumIAS community members, Bihar Home State, Engineering

Contributed by ForumIAS community members
Interview Date: 18/ Feb 2020
Background: IIT (Engineering)
Home State: Bihar


  1. You are from IIT. Why waste public funds doing engineering when you have to prepare for IAS?
  2. So many IITs opening, don’t you think it will dilute the quality of education
  3. Views of bridge course for doctors

Member 1

  1. Source of Coronavirus, name of the city
  2. How did it get its name?
  3. Why Kerala is reporting so many cases
  4. How did Kerala prepare for it?

Member 2

  1. Tell me the difference between 2G, 3G, 4G
  2. What is a diode, what is a semiconductor ( grilled me on electronics )
  3. Why we use AC power
  4. Do we have 100% rural electrification, what is the issue with the electrification definition?

Member 3

  1. Why IAS?
  2. Which IAS officer inspired you ( based on my answer )
  3. Your priorities as DC of your district
  4. How will fight the situation of flood in your area?
  5. The reason behind floods, a settlement on embankments, etc

Member 4

  1. Why do people in Bihar go for Civil Services?
  2. Why Bihar remained backward
  3. Nalanda library, who built, destroyed
  4. Significance of falgu river, the curse of falgu, Ramayan reference
  5. Significance of Bodh Gaya, same banyan tree or a new one, place at which Ashoka fought with Odisha

What quality do you think should a bureaucrat have?
you may leave now, your interview is over

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