[UPSC Interview Transcript #51] Sujata Mehta Board, Telangana Home State, Economics Optional, Football & Running Hobby

Interview Date: 18th Feb FN
Board: Sujata Mehta
Background: BE (EEE) in PSG Tech, Coimbatore
Optional: Economics
Employee: Data Analyst for 1 year
Home State: Telangana
Hobbies: Football and Running


  1. Is this you in the photo
  2. please briefly introduce yourself wrt your educational and professional background or work experience if any
  3. You worked with a Data analytics firm right. So were most of your clients based out of India and did you work with multiple clients at the same time or you just associated with a single client alone at a time.
  4. Could you please describe the project with each client
  5. So what does a data analyst do here and what’s their role here and what algorithms and all you used.
  6. Me:” (I didn’t understand what she really wanted). Told what kind of data we take from customers and social media. (Wasn’t satisfied with the answer. So she repeated the question again. ) So mentioned what kind of algorithm and model we chose and what do we with the data
  7. Fair enough, tell me 2 applications where data analytics can be used in Public Sector.
  8. Me: One, GST where govt is taking initiatives like setting up specialised wing. Second is health
  9. Sector where we can understand gaps in rural areas and also collect imp data(like patient
  10. symptoms)to raise red flags before there is health crisis. (“Now since I mentioned rural, my whole
  11. Interview veered towards rural areas especially other members”)
  12. That is all ok, but what’s the point of all these data analytics if there is no data in rural areas since
  13. Digital literacy is low.
  14. Me: I agree with your point, Mam. But govt is taking various initiatives like Bharatnet, digital India
  15. (“She didn’t seem very happy mentioning govt programmes”).
  16. So I added- Mam, now we are witnessing that smartphone penetration is improving in rural areas.
  17. Also if we can make them understand the benefits of using the internet by making them aware, then in
  18. near to medium-term future, it is hoped that digital literacy would improve.
  19. CP: She nodded.

Member 1

  1. Your hobby is Football, so which club do you support.
  2. So, currently what is their standing in PL Table
  3. Your optional is Economics. So is Ricardian theory of Rent relevant in today’s world
  4. who sets the interest rate. is frequent repo rate reductions good for India?
  5. In India there is no indigenous search engines, data storage is a problem. What can be done?

Member 2

  1. What are the factors that inhibit growth in rural areas? Do cultural and traditional factor play a role
  2. Don’t you think cultural factor plays a major role in preventing growth in rural areas
  3. why it is that education in rural areas is poor? What can be done especially for girl child?
  4. (Mentioned Pvt players can be roped in). So how would you encourage them?
  5. Ok, what measures would you take to bring online education to rural areas?

Member 3

  1. Given a choice, what would you choose a)set up higher education centres in rural areas or b) set up manufacturing with huge employment potential
  2. Which field of education centres
  3. Should be brought in and in what areas should the focus be on
  4. So what are the main areas of manufacturing in CBE
  5. So how are they doing now and what are the major challenges they face?
  6. What are the factors that inhibit leveraging benefits of demographic dividend

Member 4

  1. What is Project Tiger
  2. What is Social Forestry
  3. You know there are some states where they give free power. Is it a good idea and why?
  4. What is the Finance commission and what is their role?
  5. Tell me why AP got bifurcated.
  6. Why are we focusing on select regional areas like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi? Why not focus on other areas since these are already developed
  7. Is there any question or areas left out of DAF that you think we should ask you? Ok, your interview is over.
    Overall felt cordial. But kind of felt Grilling on certain topics and followed up questions based on some keywords in my answers.

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