[UPSC Interview Transcript #52] Sathyavathy Board, Bihar Home State, Poetry & Story Writing Hobby

Duration: 25 mins
Afternoon: 5th to go
Board: Sathyavathy
Background: Engineering
Home State: Bihar
Employee: IRS IT (Indian Revenue Service (Income Tax)
Hobbies: Poetry, Story Writing


  1. Read out the DAF for almost 5 minutes, with me correcting in between.
  2. Discussion on abolishing Taxation. With Cross questions.

Member 1

  1. Have u heard of Malinowski?
  2. Heard of Redcliffe brown?
  3. Why do we have ILP even today? Why not integrate them.
  4. Name a thinker of jurisprudence (that I don’t remember)

Member 2

  1. Do you remember anything about engineering?
  2. Discussion on the location of my village.
  3. Tell me about your priorities in Jehanabad?
  4. How will you ensure the attendance of doctors?
  5. Next preference?
  6. What about law and order?
  7. Don’t you think you should keep it first? What about hero worship habits in Bihar?

Member 3

  1. Difference between murder and homicide.
  2. Difference between dacoity and robbery.
  3. Dacoity still being prevalent
  4. Constitution and constitutionalism
  5. China has constitutionalism or not.

Member 4

  1. Tell me about dastangoi
  2. Do you go to mushairas?
  3. What is different in dastangoi?
  4. Origin of dastangoi
  5. 4R in water conservation
  6. Give example of Reuse and recycling
  7. Give it related to water.

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