[UPSC Interview Transcript #54] Marshal Ajit Bhonsle Board, Maharashtra Home State, Cricket Hobby

Date of interview: 24.02.2020 (afternoon session)
Board: Air Marshal Ajit Bhonsle
Background: B.Tech in VNIT, Nagpur (Civil engineering)
Employee: IOCL for 1.5 years, currently working in CWC (for last 4.5 years)
Home State: Maharashtra
Hobby: Cricket follower


  1. Read out the DAF loudly and said- So, you have studied in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bhusawal, then went to VNIT and have now worked for 7 years.. you have a good profile..
  2. So, we hear a lot that 70% of our cities are going to go dry by 2040.. by that time, availablity will be 50% of demand.. So tell me the steps you would give for Water conservation in long term, medium-term and short term approach
  3. Tell me features of jal mission.. I asked sir Jal Jeevan mission or jal Shakti mission?? He said jal
  4. .Is the aim of govt to provide piped drinking water a pipe dream??
    Passed on to

Member 1

  1. So migration is a lot in news .. What are your views??
  2. So you feel that migration is necessary and good??
  3. But what about pressure on resources??
  4. Tell me some countries which have seen a lot of migration in recent times..
  5. Why we are still not adopting rainwater harvesting on a large scale?

Member 2

  1. Why do you want to join civil services??
  2. So there’s no diversity in your job?
  3. What is a preamble??
  4. The preamble is a lot in news these days. why??
  5. What are the features that are in danger??
  6. In which year secularism was added in the preamble??
  7. Any other words were added??

Member 3

  1. What is V in VNIT??
  2. Tell me something about Visvesvaraya..
  3. So, he was awarded Bharat Ratna.. India’s highest honour.. tell me name of one IAS officer who was awarded Bharat Ratna..
  4. No one?? So you have lots of scopes to serve as a civil engineer too, isn’t it so??

Member 4

  1. So, you have studied political science.. tell me what’s in communist manifesto and its author.. (only
  2. Told Karl Marx and said don’t know about its contents)
  3. Tell me about Friedrick Engels.. (cudnt recall) 😐
  4. Tell me name of some communist countries in the world..
  5. What is the constitution??
  6. So, a country cannot run if the constitution is not there??
  7. Britain is running without a written constitution.. correct


  1. So what do you plan to do after the interview?? (Told him, sir, no plans as such.. wanted to watch highlights of today’s day in India new Zealand but India already lost.. so, will watch India vs Bangladesh in women’s world cup)..
  2. Chairman smiled and said.. you may go.
  3. Overall, the board was cordial.. may have missed 1-2 questions…
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