[UPSC Interview Transcript #56]: RN. Chaubey Board, Rajasthan Home State, listening to Punjabi music, drawing Hobbies

Interview Date: 4 Feb 2020
Board: RN. Chaubey
Home State: Rajasthan
Sports: Basketball
Hobbies: listening to Punjabi music, drawing


1. brief intro of educational qualification?
2. Should India side by USA vis-a-vis rising power of China?
3. Should we do like Japan, that get dependent on USA for our security needs?
4. What is encirclement? and how its related to BRI?
5. What India should do to counter BRI?
6. Cause behind steady tension between India and pak?
7. Favourite singer?
8. Why hanumangarh is called hanumangarh?
9. Places of tourist attraction and how will you put them on the map?
10. Unfortunate incident in basketball? (Kobe’s death)
11. What do you do in drawing?
12. Difference between drawing and painting?
13. Causes of pollution in Delhi and how to resolve them?
14. Causes of slowdown in India?
15. What is saving instinct?
(Overall the board was cordial)

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