[UPSC Interview Transcript #57]: Sathyavathy Board, Jharkhand Home State, Physics Optional, Jogging, Quora Hobbies

Background: Mechanical Engineering (IIT ROORKEE)
Optional: Physics
Board: Sathyavathy
Home State: Jharkhand (Dhanbad)
Hobbies: Jogging, Quora
Other: Councillor with students affairs Council


  1. What you did as a councillor?
  2. Tell me your 1 contribution as a councillor
  3. Why do you read quora?
  4. Why read physics from quora?
  5. What is fit India movement
  6. Why so many people don’t to any physical workout in India?
  7. What is the reasons for diabetes and subsequent questions?

Member 1

  1. (asked most of the question from UP… But I don’t have any connection with UP :P)
  2. Contribution of Roorkee in the field of hydrology?
  3. Major crops of UP
  4. Problems of sugarcane industry in UP
  5. Reasons for Bengal famine and year
  6. Asked if I have heard about Hapur and why it is famous for?
  7. What I read in physical education course of class 12th

Member 2

  1. Issue of railway line shift in my home town and about Jharia coal fire
  2. What is energy according to you as a mechanical engineer?
  3. Can energy be destroyed?
  4. Where is the energy from the tube light in this room going….isn’t it getting destroyed?
  5. Why did you switch from mechanical engineering to civil service and subsequent question on that?

Member 3

( mostly factual questions)

  1. You said IIT Roorkee constructed the Ganga canal in 1847….was it an IIT that time? ( I said sorry sir… I take my words)
  2. List the name of new IITs
  3. 5 major contribution of chemistry to humanity (my optional is physics :P)
  4. Asked about coronavirus
  5. List any 5 virus-related diseases

Member 4

  1. Number of girls in your department
  2. Why such a screwed ratio
  3. What you will do as an individual
  4. About short service commission in Indian Army issue and supreme Court recent verdict on it…Are you not disappointed with the delay? ( I mentioned it in my previous answer)


Thank you. Your interview is over
(Overall board was very cordial though they Ok, your interview is over.

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