[UPSC Interview Transcript #61]: Smita Nagraj Board, Haryana Home State, Sociology Optional, Chess & Swimming Hobbies

Duration: 30 mins
Board: Smita Nagraj Ma’am
Employee:  IRS C&CE
Optional: Sociology
Home State: Haryana
Hobbies: Chess and swimming


  1. how are you feeling?
  2. you are already in service. Has the name of the service been changed?
  3. you are from Haryana. Tell 3 areas in which you want to work in next 10years?
  4. Education what are the issues in education?
  5. What do you mean by shift from quantitative parameters to the qualitative parameters?
  6. What are the differences in rural and urban areas in terms of school education?
  7. Can we give the subject of education to the Gram Sabhas? What advantages they have?
  8. What are the challenges faced by the Gram Sabhas in Haryana?
  9. Are Khaap Panchayats challenging to the authority of Gram Sabhas.
  10. Have Khaaps changed their approach in the past. What kind of good work they are doing?
  11. Should we start skill development from the School Education?
  12. It is already happening. Why People do not want to go for skill Education?

Madam passed the buck to the 1st member[1]

Member 1

  1. Drug consumption is increasing in Haryana. What should be done?
  2. Should we band the drugs?
  3. Why not legalise it if many western countries have done it?
  4. Many drugs are used for medicinal purposes. Then why not legalise them?
  5. In India, people have been consuming Bhang and Ghanjha during many festivals? Then why can’t we allow them legally. He tried his best to convince me about legalising the drugs.

Member 2

  1. Whether euthanasia is right?
  2. what ethical issues are involved
  3. What is Supreme court stand on it?

Member 3

  1. who is responsible for monetary policy?
  2. what is CRR and SLR?
  3. why they are used by the RBI?
  4. slow down is happening. What kind of policy should be adopted by the RBI?
  5. who signs on currrency notes?
  6. why finance secretary signs only on rupees 1note. Any logic.
  7. what is meant by bank guarantee?
  8. what is legal tender?

Member 4

  1. A lot of Protest are going on what are legal provisions which allows protest. What are the restrictions?
  2. why protests are important for democracy?

Chairman: Ma’am- your interview is over, Thank you.
Mostly from Service, Haryana and Current Affairs, no questions from Hobbies and optional.


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