[UPSC Interview Transcript #62]: Sathiyavathy Board, Jharkhand Home State, Sociology Optional, Steet Photography Hobby

Interview Date: 25th February
Interview Duration: 20 minutes
Board: M. Sathiyavathy
Background: B.E Civil
Optional: Sociology
Hobby: Steet Photography
Interest: Travelling, Mentoring
Born: Bihar
Home State: Jharkhand


1. What is street photography?
2. What did you do in your work?
3. Who were your clients?
4. What have you been doing since 2018?
5. Are you not interested in Consulting anymore?

Member 1

1. What is the problem with Indian Financial Sector?
2. Associate Durkheim’s Suicide with Farmer Suicide
3. Is Classeless Society a Utopian Idea?

Member 2

1. Why is Saharsa famous?
2. Are you aware about any new major plant coming up there?
3. When did you last go to your birth place?
4. How will the creation of plant benefit the region?

Member 3

1. You are interested in travelling, where all have you travelled?
2. You mentioned that street photography can communicate a story. How can story telling benefit administration?
3. Any more benefit?

Member 4

1. Your interest in mentoring. Can you tell me what is that?
2. How is it different from coaching?
3. Is Mentoring always one to one or can it be in large group too?
4. What is the difference between coaching and tutoring?
Overall Experience- DAF Based. Board was okay.


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