[UPSC INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT #7] Sathiyavathy Mam, Rajasthan Home State, Chittorgarh

Board: Sathiyavathy Mam
Background: Textile technology,  Chittorgarh, railways
Home State: Rajasthan
Employee: railways
No of Members: 3+1


read the whole daf loudly for 2 mins

  1. Man Animal conflict
  2. Ecotourism
  3. How to boost livelihood opportunities for fringe communities?
  4. How to escape forest fragmentation problems
  5. what kind of jobs gets created by ecotourism
  6. it seems that ecotourism is indeed the cause of man-animal conflict? Isn’t it so?
  7. Why coming from railways to forests?

Member 1

  1. What is Chittorgarh famous for
  2. Padmavati issue? Do u think she was real?
  3. People are becoming extreme and becoming violent? why
  4. Forest products with GI. Tell some benefits that accrued to number teak n sandalwood after GI tag
  5. Development due to the cement industry can be there but its problems are also many. Quote some
  6. solve silicosis by forestry
  7. which species you will plant in ur area

Member 2

  1. What kind of forests as per champion classification
  2. name species of each
  3. sand dune stabilization. Technique
  4. Cold desert vs hot desert difference
  5. A few questions on traveling
  6. Monkey issue and animal culling

Member 3

  1. IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature)
  2. forests traveled
  3. Problems. Trees there.
  4. Have you seen anogiessus
  5. biodiversity of eastern Rajasthan
  6. animal train collisions
  7. Sariska problems

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