[UPSC Interview Transcript #71]: Sathyavathy Board, Rajasthan Home State, Recycling household waste, spend time with elderly people Hobbies

Interview Date: 26th Feb, morning, 5th to go
Board : Satyavati madam
Background: Commerce from DU, Masters in Sociology
Home State: Rajasthan
Hobbies: Recycling household waste, spend time with elderly people
Employee: 1-year family business (sweets shop)


  1. Is this your photo? I nodded yes. She kept reading aloud my DAF including my school subjects college and hobbies etc.
  1. what were you doing after your graduation? (business)
  2. what is the age for older people as per WHO for health and other benifets
  3. As you were working at your family sweets business, can you tell me why there is so much diabetes patients in india?
  4. Why you want to become IAS?
  5. how do you recycle household waste?

Member 1

  1. Jaipur’s famous sweet shop other than yours?
  2. why is it famous?
  3. what are the major problems of slums?
  4. have you visited them and worked for them?
  5. what is the reason for slum building?
  6. why migration..?

Member 2

  1. What water harvesting techniques you would use as a DM in Rajasthan?
  2. three techniques for forest conservation?
  3. value-added tax
  4. input tax credit
  5. some economic law was asked but was unable to recall
  6. Karl Marx – dialectical materialism

Member 3

  1. As a DM, how will you apply your hobby of recycling household waste? (as I had given the modal to govt. of India, which I explained)
  2. Is it practical to apply this modal?
  3. what is Rajasthan famous for?
  4. why Hawa Mahal is so popular?
  5. As Swachh Bharat Mission is going on but still it is not clean. Why?
  6. why Sawai is used before the names of the kings in Rajasthan?

Member 4

  1. As a sociology student, what changes will you do in district?
  2. How will you empower women multi dimensionally.
  3. what will you do for education sector in rural areas?
  4. is manual scavenging still practiced in Rajasthan?
  5. dowry
  6. child marriage
  7. literacy rate
  8. You will not do anything for the senior citizens in rural areas as this is your hobby? ( I explained)
  9. what is a social movement? why?
  10. name three social movements
  11. (followed up questions on social movement)
  12. Overall chairman and board was cordial but M4 was grilling. not able to recall 3-4 questions.
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