[UPSC INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT #8] :BB Vyas Sir Board, Uttar Pradesh Home State, Reading Books hobby

Interview Date: (11/02/2020)
Board: BB Vyas Sir
Background: B. Tech in Material Science and Engineering, IIT Kanpur
Employee: WCCB
Home State: Uttar Pradesh
Hobby:  Reading Books


  1. Your face seems familiar, have we met before? So you are from IIT,
  2. what do you think about so many new IITs coming nowadays? Isn’t quality decreasing? Do you think
  3. studying Human Behavior is a science? Difference between morality and ethics?

Member 1

  1. Can you name some Human behaviorists?
  2. Can you tell me what is Fight or Flight response?
  3. Name the hormone responsible Mechanism by which hormones influence us?
  4. Which gland is the master gland? What is biodiversity? What are its various components?
  5. Which one do you think is most important? Why? Few follow up questions.

Member 2

  1. What is Environmental science and Studies? What is an ecosystem?
  2. What is the work of WCCB? Which act governs it?
  3. Which section of act is regarding punishment? Where is its headquarters?
  4. What is the punishment for wildlife crime?
  5. What is the most difficult aspect in controlling wildlife crime?
  6. What is India per capita energy requirement?
  7. Why does the USA have such high energy consumption per capita?

Member 3

  1. Can you explain Material Science and Engineering? Is it a core branch?
  2. What were your optional subject? What is climate change? Is it real or hype?
  3. What is Carbon Footprint? Recently Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority has taken some steps regarding Carbon Footprint..do you know about them? Should India make so much effort in Climate change? Few follow-up questions regarding this.
  4. There is a concept of Think Locally and Act Globally, Think Globally and Act Locally,
  5. Think Locally and Think Locally, Act Globally and Act Locally, which of the following do you think is best? And the reason?

Chairman: Thank you Prateek your Interview is over.

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