[UPSC Interview Transcript #84]: RN Choubey Board, Delhi Home State, Cricket, Diary Writing Hobbies

Interview Date: 28 Feb,
Board: RN Choubey
Home State: Delhi
Chemistry Hons
Hobbies: Cricket, Diary writing


  1. What is trade deficit
  2. Current status Cryptocurrency
  3. Can I buy potato with bitcoins( no sir but u can buy products from international commerce sites which accept when asked where I can use?)

Member 1

  1. How will u motivate students to pursue chemistry( small class every day chemistry intermediate
  2. class future and career options college students research facilities)
  3. How to double income of women in village( agro processing traditional craft)
  4. What changes u propose in school education policy( yahan i did mistake by saying I ll focus to get students to school and then ensure they are retained)

Member 2

  1. Anne Frank?
  2. History of World Bank and IMF( did not know)
  3. Un mandate ( I answered peaceful coexistence of nations)
  4. He said in the easy language( I said world War dobaara na ho)
  5. Un peacekeeping maintains peace or enforces peace( I said I m confirm about maintenance only)

Member 3

  1. Totalisation agreement after some lines about us India current affairs ( heard for first time?)
  2. Delhi air pollution reasons
  3. Delhi govt steps
  4. Odd-even success or failure
  5. Airshed and watershed
  6. Which form of cricket u like and why?
  7. Why test cricket is losing popularity

Member 4

  1. Andaman tribes which can SENSE earthquake … I said I dnt know which tribes who are able to predictthen he corrected and said sense
  2. Why I left chemistry and chose anthro
  3. When cell phone came to India… No idea why he asked
  4. What use is my 1.5-year job in Chennai in administration
  5. Last question of the day
  6. Iska answers aap log bhi share karo[1]I will put in ur mouth and close it… What do you understand by it? This was question when I answered that I learnt patience from job

Ur interview is over

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