[UPSC Interview Transcript #125]: Air Marshal Bhosle Board, Kashmir Home State, Photography Hobby

Contributed by ForumIAS community member
Board: Air Marshal Bhosle sir
Home State: Kashmir
Hobby: Photography


  1. What does Smruthik mean?
  2. U look like a honest person, are you? I said yes sir. He asked, “How can u say dat”
  3. What is self-discipline (based on my response to previous question)
  4. What kind of photography do u like (hobby) and related questions on photoshop etc
  5. You look familiar to me, did u attend any interview of UPSC before? (Some discussion on my Asst commandant training in SSB)

Member 1

  1. Discuss the problems of health care sector in India
  2. What is aayushman Bharat scheme, its challenges
  3. Comparison of US health insurance sector with that of India
  4. What are the different types of health care
  5. Where will India go if it faces problems in its Health sector (since I mentioned medical tourism in my previous questions)

Member 2

  1. Relationship of India with the countries that split from USSR (he took 2-3 mins just to frame the question in detail)

Member 3

  1. Why gender inequality exists in India (elaborate discussion on this)
  2. What are the different ways of acquiring citizenship in India?

Member 4

  1. Can India handle Olympics, when do you think it can successfully conduct one
  2. Gulmarg, sonmarg, and pahalgaon (he just stopped with these three words)… I explained that they r hill stations and valleys in Kashmir and subsequent questions followed on Kashmir tourism and what can be done to improve it
  3. India vs. Bharat. I get a feeling that I stay in India and not in Bharat. What exactly is the difference Back to chairman- he elaborated on India’s potential to conduct Olympics. Brought back the self discipline aspect and linked it to India’s growth potential No questions from state, graduation, work experience, or optional. It was just a cordial discussion
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