UPSC Interview Transcript: BS Bassi Board, 23rd March, IIT Delhi

BS Bassi Board
23rd March 2017 Afternoon Session, Last one,
Duration 45 minutes (or more)
Background: Jitendra Sharma, Category ‐General, IIT Delhi, 2008 batch passout – Dual Degree (Chemical Engg)
Working in a French Major Oil and gas (Total France) since 8.5 years based in Paris

Read the Interview Transcript Here 

We will post UPSC Interview Transcripts regularly under the Interview Preparation Initiative.

Why Interview Transcripts?

  • These transcripts are just a collection of UPSC Interview experiences from different candidates.
  • The purpose of these transcripts is to provide individual experience and how they faced the board.
  • In a way, it affects the way candidates are understood, the information they share, and the conclusions drawn.
  • You’ll be able to identify the constraints and opportunities before you when facing the interview board.
  • Though providing transcripts, which is a behind a scene task, the aim is to provide a valuable input that you are looking for that you are hesitant to ask someone.
  • It might help to re-evaluate your approach , and take a look at what really needs to be done.
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