[UPSC Interview Transcript #126]: BB Vyas Board, Maharashtra Home State, Anthropology Optional, Yoga Hobby

Duration: 30mins
Morning session, 4th to go
Board: Vyas Sir
Optional: Anthropology
Background: BAMS
Home State: Maharashtra
Hobby: Yoga


  1. what have you done after graduation? So your training had community health, so tell me what is Incidence and Prevalence of disease?
  2. What is elimination and eradication of disease? Which diseases have we eradicated? Tell me one more disease that we have eradicated(hint-Delivery related)
  3. Tell me 5 diseases or causes due to which there is Neonatal mortality? What are the sticking points related to health or medical devices betweem Ind and USA? What is IPR? How will you formulate medical tourism policy?

Member 1

  1. Among the 4 Vedas which is related to Ayurveda?
  2. Difference between Ayurveda and Siddha? Principles of Siddha? Can Ayush practitioner practice Modern medicine?
  3. Why there is out of pocket expenditure? What should be done to reduce it?

Member 2

  1. Tell me what percentage of GDP is spent on Health? How much Out of pocket expenditure? You are from Maharashtra, so tell me what is Maharashtra’s contribution to Indias GDP?
  2. Take the notepad and pen in front of you and write down 2 major problems India is facing and what percentage of GDP you will allot to solve it

Member 3

  1. Tell me health issues of tribes in Melghat.? Difference between Allopathy and Modern Medicine?
  2. You have anthropology as optional and graduated from Ayurveda, so tell me which Surgical practice of Ayurveda do tribes follow? Is Siravedhan scientific?

Member 4

  1. You have written Yoga as hobby, so i will ask you 2 asanas, tell me benefits of Bhujangasan and Shalabhasan?
  2. India is Sun-soaked country but still people have Vitamin deficiency, which Vitamin is it? Tell me why doctors dont practise in rural areas? What should be done to tackle this? Tell me 3 qualities that a Civil Servant should have?

Chairman– Should Allopathy syllabus include some part of Ayurveda or traditional medicine?

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