[UPSC Interview Transcript #130]: TCA Anant Board, Kerala Home State, History Optional, Music Hobby

Home State: Palakkad, Kerala
Background:– B.Tech EC from Cochin University, M.Tech in RF and Microwave
Engineering: IIT Kharagpur
Hobbies: Music, History, Learning Languages
Optional:– History
Date of Interview:– 06/03/2020
Board:- TCA Anant Sir


  1. Entered, was greeted with a smile.
  2. Chair read the DAF aloud.
  3. Chair:- From Engineering to History how did that happen?

Member 1

  1. What is the deal about History, right winger and Left Wingers, what are they fighting
  2. Are you saying India didn’t exist?
  3. How about Ashoka and Harsha and others ?
  4. Why so much emphasis on Medieval Indian History?
  5. So dearth of sources is the reason?

Member 2

  1. So, you are from IIT Kharagpur, What was it before?
  2. Why is the place important?
  3. Who is the most important person w.r.t RF technology?
  4. It is J C Bose, where did he get this idea from? (Didn’t Know)
  5. Where did this happen (Didn’t know)
  6. Which is you favorite part of History ? (I said Medieval )
  7. Who is your favorite Historian? (I said Upinder Singh)
  8. Who is Upinder Singh ? I have not known her I am from DU as well? What is her contribution?
  9. I said about she being daughter of Manmohan Singh. He accepted it. I spoke about her Feminism in History about, vedic period and Gargi and her debates..
  10. What is special about Vedic Period in 600 BCE if I say it was dominated by a Symbol Sign and Logic. (Had no clue )
  11. Who is your favorite social reformer? (I said Basava)
  12. Who is satyarthi. What was his contribution?

Member 3

  1. You are into Music, what sort of Music do you like? (I said about Carnatic Music and Rabindra Sangeet)
  2. What is so special about Tagore? (Spoke about Sub Nationalism, Nationalism and
  3. How many languages do you speak. I said about 7 languages and they smiled, I also speak a bit of German, so question took a different tone from there.
  4. What is the new technology which is implemented in the Tolls these days. (RFID)
  5. What is the name given to that program (Was about FASTTAG, didn’t recollect it then, though he gave a lot of clue)
  6. Courts are having a lot of case pendencies, are lawyers taking court for a toll. ( I said yes, but I also criticized government a bit by not taking decisions and passing buck to the courts)
  7. Chair :- Can you give an example (Spoke about many, like Kaveri issue, Homosexuality, Ayodhya issue all must have been a political solution and Judicial Solutions)

Member 4

  1. What is HAM Radio? Where is it used? What is the specialities? (Couldn’t answer much, but they insisted and got busted a bit)
  2. What about Nazi Germany , some of their dark period has made them what they are?
  3. Have you visited Concentration camps?
  4. What was the experiment he did on Twin babies (Didn’t know much)

Chairman said interview is over..

  1. If you want to know the answer I can type it up in detail as well, Coz most question flowed from one to another.
  2. They were very cordial over all, and I could smile through out the interview.


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