[UPSC Interview Transcript #132]: RN Choubey Board, Bihar Home State, Geography Optional

Date of Interview: 25th Feb, 20
Board: RN Choubey
Optional: Geography
Employee: Power sector
Home State: Bihar
College IIT BHU
Hobby: Jogging, Reading non fiction books, Transcendental Meditation


  1. Give a brief introduction of your academic and work career.
  2. Why electron moves in current and not proton?
  3. But why do current flow?
  4. Do you use social media?
  5. Do you think social media should be regulated?
  6. Apart from Article 19(2) what are the provisions that are there to regulate social media?
  7. Are the present laws sufficient to regulate social media?
  8. How should we come up with new regulations?

Member 1

  1. What do we spend on food or guns? Should we spend on welfare activities or defence?
  2. You said defence can prevent loss of lives. Can you explain how?
  3. Why is there Hindu word in Benaras Hindu University?
  4. How do you manage job and preparation?
  5. For how long have you been doing Transcendental Meditation?
  6. Have you learnt it from a guru?

Member 2

  1. Have you heard of Bodo accord? What is it?
  2. Is there any restrictions on entry into Assam?
  3. What are Inner line Permit?
  4. Which States are there in Inner Line Permit?
  5. Whose permission is needed for Inner line permit?
  6. Is there continuity or change in India’s foreign policy?
  7. What are the principles of foreign policy?
  8. Have you heard of National Interest and national goals? What are they?
  9. So it has turned more towards national interest?
  10. Who controls Afghanistan?

Member 3

  1. Do you watch movies?
  2. Why is it named Oscar awards or Us Academy awards?
  3. Are you aware of the South Korean movie awarded Oscar this year?
  4. Why do you want to join Civil Services after having experience in your field?
  5. You said IAS, will you join if you get say xyz services?

Member 4

  1. What are smart grid?
  2. How will you design smart village? What according to you is smart village?
  3. Being a technical person in your village what advice will you give to the electricity board to prevent thefts?
  1. Is there anything thay you wanted to speak but we haven’t asked you?
  2. It could be anything.
  3. All the best for your life.


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