[UPSC Interview Transcript #85]: Smita Nagraj Board, Public Administration Optional, Telecom Technologies Hobby

Interview date: 28 Feb afternoon
Duration: 20-25 mins duration
Board: Smita Nagraj
Optional: Public administration
Hobby: Telecom Technologies
Employee: Business analyst in IT sectors
telecom domain


  1. you’re working in your company since long, is it from starting or joined later?
  2. What have been your experience there?
  3. Why want to join here?
  4. Why is the ability to study and gain domain knowledge important?
  5. Which sector would you like to work and how your job will help?
  6. If you’re posted in UP how will you improve education using technology?

Member 1

  1. Is your company listed in India?
  2. How would you launch the IPO in India?
  3. Follow-up questions on it.

Member 2

  1. How does AI and Robotics impact several sectors?
  2. Will it lead to job losses only?

Member 3

  1. Aadhar issues?
  2. SC judgment on it.

Member 4

  1. UBI, what are its benefits?
  2. Do you support it or not?
  3. Timing of your marathon?
  4. He said mine was better, I said you’re my role model, everyone laughed.
  5. Business Analyst, what do you do?
  6. Are credit rating agencies credible?
  7. Major fall of institution due to failure of rating agencies.
  8. Are they reliable?
  9. How would you suggest me to buy a stock?
  10. Invisible hand theory? What is it? Do we really have it?

Chairman thank you

  • I said thanku.
  • She said thanku again and asked me to leave through eyebrow movement
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