[UPSC Interview Transcript #80]: Smita Nagraj Board, Gujarat Home State, PSIR Optional, Weight Training Hobby

Interview Date: 20-02-2020 Afternoon slot
Background: B. Tech, EE
Optional: PSIR
Sport:  Boxing (National level)
Hobby: Weight Training
Home State:  Gujarat
Board: Smita Nagraj ma’am


  1. Pulkit, will you be one of those 7 million who’ll be attending President Trump’s event?
  2. As an IFS officer,how would you look at such an extravagant visit with a headache for you to
  3. arrange for such a large audience? What’s there for India to gain from it?
  4. Who’re our hostile neighbours and how’re we dealing with them?
  5. Doesn’t India also have a deep state?

Member 1

  1. India-Myanmar relation and impact on it due to China factor?
  2. Your favourite boxer?
  3. Why boxing isn’t doing well in India?
  4. UN’s relevance?
  5. What was UN World Humanitarian summit certification program about? ( I was awarded a certificate under this program)

Member 2

  1. GSP?
  2. Mammalapuram’s significance?
  3. Boxing’s weight categories; mary kom’s weight category? your weight category? is Boxing a sport of violence?
  4. Is there a dichotomy between India claiming the status of a global power and simultaneously wanting to retain its ‘developing’ tag under WTO?
  5. Which are developing countries?
  6. Is Nepal and India same in the level of development?

Member 3

  1. What is the definition of a developed country?
  2. By when India should become a developed country?
  3. Share of renewable energy in India’s energy mix?
  4. share of renewable energy in Gujarat’s energy mix? which is the dominant renewable energy source in Gujarat?
  5. What will be the impact if we increase wind energy in the grid to almost half of the grid capacity? is electricity the cleanest form of energy?
  6. As an SDM, how would you reduce Ahmedabad’s air pollution?
  7. what is the difference between weight training and weight lifting?

Member 4

  1. What has the US done by re-classifying India as a developed country? Will it impact India? How
  2. are we going to deal with it?
  3. What is mid-day meal scheme ? As a DM,what will you do to ensure food quality under it?
  4. If you’re a DM and your subordinate reports to you that in a cattle fair, a mass selling of cows is
  5. being observed. What would you do?
  6. How can you dilute sulphuric acid? Do we add water to acid or acid to water?
  7. 1 major port of Gujarat?
  8. Who was behind Kandla port’s development?
  9. Why was Kandla port established?


  1. Have you lived in a village? What difference did you feel in terms of amenities?
  2. What difference could you see in social terms?
  3. Is Dalit youth’s attitude changing to such(discriminatory) social structures in villages?
    Thank you. Your interview is over.
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