[UPSC Interview Transcript #105]: BS Bassi sir Board, Rajasthan Home State, Civil Engineer, IRS IT

Date of Interview: 2nd March, Afternoon 5th to go
Board: BS Bassi sir
Background: Civil Engineer
Employee: IRS IT
Home State: Chittorgarh, Rajasthan


  1. Readout my service in Ropar(civil) and then IRS (DAF)
  2. Why do you want to be an IAS from IRS…are you not happy with IRS
  3. Is career imp to you or social service
  4. If u have to choose one
  5. You will have 34 yrs of service in IRS and 33 yrs in IAS.. you can reach at apex in this service why change?
  6. Suppose you are made SDM of an district (not trainee) what would be the first three things you would do in the office?

Member 1

  1. Why civil service after civil engineering?
  2. Why civil engineering in the first place?
  3. You have graduated from Nirma University…tell us some background about it
  4. Do u think a smartphone is doing more distraction than its use?
  5. What about youth? Do u think they are getting distracted by social media and all other such things?

Member 2

  1. Extending the last question what are the security implications of social media
  2. What is data localization
  3. His third question was something I could not listen properly and said sorry sir… It was related to data localization
  4. What were the socioeconomic changes that you observed during your stay in Punjab?

Member 3

  1. Is drinking water availability is still an issue in Rajasthan
  2. When in Punjab did you visited Bhakra Nangal Dam
  3. What is its capacity and why it’s famous
  4. Which is the largest Dam in the World…do you know its power generation capacity
  5. Can India have such a type of Dam, what are the challenges?

Member 4

  1. Green Revolution is both pain and gain. Explain it?
  2. What is the evergreen Revolution?
  3. What are the problems in bordering districts of Rajasthan due to Indira Gandhi Canal?


  1. Have u heard about Catalonia? Do you know any recent happenings in that issue?
  2. Recent situation in Syria? Who is actually controlling Syria?


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