[UPSC Interview Transcript #94]: BS. Bassi Board, Political Science Optional,

Date of Interview: 21/02
Board: Bassi Sir
Optional: PSIR
IFS (2nd preference, hence the questions)
Background: Grad in Journalism, Masters in Pol.Science, Mphil.in Diplomacy &


1. After Graduation you thought Journalism is not important and UPSC wasn’t your central concern.
2. What is the state of polarity/balance of power in the world now ?
3. Which socio-pol arrangement would you prefer at world level.
4. Socio-pol arrangement at state level. ( I said democracy, equality and justice)
5. Follow up: then what about countries who have dictatorship.
6. Do you think borders of nations should be redrawn (I said it is up-to the states, how they manage it)
7. Catalonia issue (400 years old history) I didn’t know, told what I knew.

Member 1

1. What is perception management?
2. Positives and negatives of Perception management at the time of Balakot strike
3. Role of Air Force and the nature of Balakot strike (for latter I said, Pre-emptive)
4. Gallantry Awards
5. Use of Diplomacy at the time of war and peace

Member 2

1. (Pol. Science) Social Contract theory and who gave it?
2. Alwar Tourism Potential (Rajasthan Home State)
3. What is Responsible Journalism
4. POCSO act
5. Role of NC of Child Rights

Member 3

1. Talk two minutes about Indian Foreign Trade (Fumbled of course)
2. Import basket, export basket
3. India’s foreign reserves
4. Difference in monetary and fiscal policy.
5. Instruments of monetary policy and their rate ( I told repo rate)

Member 4

1. What is Disaster Management ( was member of ECO club), types of disaster
2. Utilization of exit poll agencies in the social development.
3. Instruments of social media and which platform is used for mass communication the most.
4. For what Magsaysay award is given.
5. How electronic media is regulated?

1. Is paid news regulated?
2. Should it be regulated?
3. Meaning of your name?
Interview over.

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