[UPSC Interview Transcript #127]: BB Vyas Board, Engineering, IPS Service

Contributed by ForumIAS community member
Board: BB Vyas
Background: Engineering
Service: IPS


  1. Difference between major and minor minerals
  2. Any change govt brought regarding these
  3. Vizag bimstec event ?
  4. Why bimstec is needed
  5. Will asean fade away
  6. Coal sector – changes made by India
  7. Can we say so in road shows abroad (allowing private sector mining)
  8. Impact of coal mining – asked for clarification- said on everything

Member 1

  1. What would you do if not civil service
  2. How is the steel sector doing?
  3. What is steel import duty?
  4. Should voting be made mandatory?
  5. Argue regarding decreasing budget for a constituency if low voting turnout, Mumbai example after 1993 Is metallurgy suitable for women? What kind of job opportunities are available for them?

Member 2

  1. Meaning of dhatri
  2. Why IAS after IPS? Why are you leaving IPS?
  3. What are your top choices in services?
  4. DB – rank in fortune 500

Member 3

  1. why engineering to IB to civil service?
  2. waste of public money?
  3. Should civil servants enter politics
  4. dramatics vs drama and act
  5. did u read anything on dramatics
  6. favourite play and its author

Member 4

  1. Which act amended least times amongst IPC, CrPC, and IEA
  2. Malimath committee
  3. Smart policing full form
  4. As a woman cop how will u address domestic violence
  5. How to decrease corruption in Police
  6. Andhra model of tackling Naxalism? Why was it so successful? Can it be replicated?
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