[UPSC Interview Transcript #67]: BB. Vyas Board, Telangana Home State, Political Science Optional

Interview Date: Feb 25
Board: BB Vyas
Employee: Flipkart
Home State: Telangana
Optional: Political Science


  1. Why did you take Political Science?
  2. Principles of Natural Justice
  3. Afghanistan elections – implications on USA, India?
  4. Afghanistan Peace talks implications on Pakistan & India
  5. What are the changes in the types of Jobs & skills IT sector is going to see in next 2-3 years? What
  6. Type of skills should be developed?

Member 1

  1. Your role in Flipkart?
  2. How did technology help there?
  3. Were you not happy with your job there?

Member 2

  1. Job seekers vs Job creators
  2. What is govt doing for Job creators?
  3. Any State-led initiatives?

Member 3

  1. Human Rights Organisations politics and follow-up questions…
  2. Hyderabad encounter opinion

Member 4

  1. Uber cup in badminton. Individual or Team competition?
  2. 4 Grand slams in Tennis.
  3. AP 3 capitals – pros & cons, the rough geographical idea of the 3 capitals.
  4. Naxalism in AP & Telangana. How was it tackled?

Chairman :

  1. Constitutional provisions for state bifurcation, creation.
  2. What are the 5 steps involved in process of state bifurcation?
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