[UPSC Interview Transcript #86]: Bhonsle Board, Jharkhand Home State, Botany Optional, Travelling, Shayari Hobbies

Chairperson: Ajit Shankar Rao Bhonsle
Interview Date: 28 February 2020
Duration: 30-35 minutes
Background: B.Tech Biotechnology from VIT Vellore
Employee: IBM India Pvt Ltd
Optional: Botany
Hobbies: 1. Solo Travelling 2. Shayari 3. Meeting and interacting with new people
Home State: Dhanbad, Jharkhand

  • Chairman asked me to be comfortable and wished good luck. Read about my graduation positively
  • and told me to speak in Hindi or English as per my choice and told me that I can take my time to
  • think and can also write on paper and explain.


  1. How did you adjust in South Indian culture and place?
  2. Tell me the differnce between women folks of Vellore and Dhanbad.
  3. You published a research paper on extro and intovert. What were the conclusions?
  4. Do you think south indians do not learn language easily?

Member 1

  1. Do you think medical tourism is less developed in India? How can we make it better?
  2. How can we fight back social media evils regarding terrorism or riots?
  3. What are the new technologies and solution to fight technolgies used by naxals and terrorists?

Member 2

  1. Tell me the difference between FR and DPSP.
  2. Tell me some DPSP.
  3. Why we are taking such long time to implement DPSP?
  4. Is monrachy a problem for Britsh finances? why does not Britain do away with this? What is commonwealth?

Member 3

  1. Tell me about Jharkhand economy?
  2. What can governement do to develop Jharkhand?
  3. Tell me the status of panchayats in Jharkhand?
  4. What can we do to do away with Mukhiya pati culture?

Member 4

  1. Differences among ISRO, DRDO, and HAL?
  2. Was Chandrayaan 2 a failure?
    Chairman: Okay thank you. What are your plans for today after you go back to home? Okay best of luck.
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