[UPSC Interview Transcript #91]: Bhonsle Board, Madhya Pradesh Home State, Music Hobby

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4th to go 12:07 pm.
Board: Bhonsle Sir
Home State: Madhya Pradesh
Hobby: Music


Sir paused looked at me for a sec and asked me to come in.

  1. I greeted all. Then Chairman Sir said I will ask you very difficult questions that you will not be able to answer ( of course he was joking) I laughed also, then he said no no I will ask you good questions.
  2. Don’t worry then very cordially he explained to me about the interview made me comfortable he also said here we all member talk in Hindi English both you are also free to use Hindi English mix as you like. Wish me best of luck and started.
  3. Chairman Sir reads out DAF loudly then appreciated my academics and asked about my job profile.
  4. What do you like in music, which songs. (DAF) IT in music. (DAF hobby)
  5. Advantage of technology in other fields and what do you think is the most important benefit so far.
  6. Told him, he asked further on this and then passed on.

Member 1

  1. What is a district
  2. Policy made at district level?
  3. Roles of central and state govt in policy formulation..?? Who won noble in economics from India??
  4. Work of Abhijeet Banerjee and Sen.

Member 2

  1. Dish famous in Bhopal (DAF)
  2. How to make aloo gobhi sabzi (DAF)
  3. What about tadka of ginger ?? I smiled yes Sir that too, he said there is no taste without ginger and laughing , then the chairman said thank you to the member and directed towards next member to ask questions.
  4. Also he asked about election freebies in the beginning and pros and cons and what do you prefer.
  5. And if you will work as ECI what will you do to prevent it ??

Member 3

  1. Geography is such a interesting subject, Why people are no longer taking geography??
  2. Why ranking of universities bad in India. 3 reasons.
  3. Difference between science and arts.
  4. What do students learn in arts.
  5. Why have you taken science in graduation. And not pursued arts then ? Then he looked further and said ok you pursued arts too, why ????

Member 4

  1. What do you mean by Good governance??? (DAF)
  2. Why we call India a Federalism with unitary biasness?? (DAF)


  1. Why we talk about learning outcomes when even brain of children is not developed., no proper nutrition, I answered.
  2. Who are these children you are talking about?? I answered
  3. Chairman Sir talked about Finland and learning outcome report.also he discussed many insights on education system (DAF) he said we can discuss with you for days and days on this. But now we have to end this discussion. Thank you πŸ™‚
  4. Amazing experience it was very very very cordial board. I felt like it was a conversation we were having at home. Hail UPSC board !!! πŸ™‚ End 12:48 pm.


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