[UPSC Interview Transcript #93]: Air Marshal Bhonsle Board, Law Optional

Date of Interview: 28/02/2020
Board: Air Marshal Bhosle sir
Optional: law


  1. Have you read the book 10 judgments that changed India?
  2. Can you guess the cases mentioned in it?
  3. What is the biggest criticism of keshavnanda Bharti’s judgment?
  4. A question on judges’ accountability-is it justified in an elected democracy?

Member 1

  1. Relationship between law and governance
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of a law background for a career in the government

Member 2

  1. Areas and countries you would focus on if you were the petroleum secretary, a few follow up questions on that

Member 3

  1. Problems in sports administration in India-how to improve
  2. Lack of autonomy of higher education how to improve

Member 4

  1. Opinion on more colleges, more unemployment
  2. Vision for new India
  3. Opinion on rising divorce rates
  4. Importance of 21st Feb


  1. Impact of interlinking of rivers
  2. A few follow up questions on that
  3. Very cordial board.Made me feel very comfortable. Might have missed a few questions that I can’t remember.
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