[UPSC Interview Transcript #107]: BS. Bassi Board, Odisha Home State, Mathematics Optional, Vedic maths, AI, Vipassana Hobbies

Date of Interview: 3rd March AN. first to go.
Board: BS. Bassi Sir
Background: B.tech IIT Guwahati EEE
Optional: Mathematics
Home State: Odisha
Hobbies: Vedic maths, AI, Vipassana
Intern in Canada, work ex at HP, IRAS


1. Are you in icas service?
2. Have you Joined IRAS?
3. Experience at vadodara?
4. Hard experiences vs soft experiences
5. What you felt in your mind?

Member 1

1. Railway giving eol just after joining?
2. Experience of Canada
3. Your observation based on your experience?
4. Why didn’t you continue research in Canada?

Member 2

1. Assam. Benefits and challenges of Brahmaputra
2. Have you visited and seen the challenges of flooding in lower Brahmaputra area?
3. We are letting waters flow, but when China is building dams we are protesting. Explain thevdichotomy.
4. How to use AI in transportation and security?

Member 3

1. How AI helps in intelligent traffic management?
2. Vipassana meditation. What have you learned? Why at such young age? Would you consider yourself as a spiritual person?
3. How many times you went to Vipassana and where?
4. Views on the merger of railway budget with the general budget
5. What was your research paper about?

Member 4

1. Kalahandi district in Odisha. Challenges and solutions?
2. How resources of Kalahandi could be used?
3. Tribal issue and tribals protesting against the industry in those areas? Solutions?
4. Importance of Vedic mathematics? How it’s helpful?

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