[UPSC Interview Transcript #110]: BS Bassi Board, Maharashtra Home State, Civil Engineering Optional

Board: Bassi sir
Background: Civil Engg
Optional: Civil Engineering
Home State: Maharashtra


  1. How can you bring change as civil engg
  2. How can you bring changes as IES in cpwd

Member 1

  1. What is bridge it event (daf)
  2. You got into many PSU..Did you join any service ? (Daf)
  3. Tell me abt armori (DAF)

Member 2

  1. Highway or maritime development?
  2. Why increasing connectivity in With ASEAN

Member 3

  1. How will you ensure labour gets proper wages
  2. Can dbt an option
  3. How will I ensure in cpwd
  4. How can I contribute as civil in villages (again)

Member 4

  1. Tell me difference and 2 examples of – Strait; Esthemus (i dont know even the spelling and pronunciation) and Peninsula
  2. Tell me difference between water conservation and water-saving


  1. Tell me about sudan.
  2. Tell me about President of India.
  3. Is it your photo. Thank you.
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