[UPSC Interview Transcript #72]: BS Bassi Board, Maharashtra Home State, History Optional

Interview Date: 30 to 35 minutes
Board: BS Bassi
Background: Mechanical  Engineer
Optional: History
Extra currier: NSS
Home State: Maharashtra
Board was cordial


  1. What is the process cost?
  2. How many cars in the world
  3. No electrical vehicles say there is growth of 30% annual and electric vehicles are 25 million.

Member 1

  1. So long then how will we convert normal cars fleet to electric fleet?
  2. What is the difference between a normal car and an electric car?
  3. How to reduce pollution?

Member 2

  1. What is NSS? Is it popular? What you gained? How to make it more popular?
  2. British came as traders but became rulers how?

Member 3

  1. On what principle does AC work?
  2. what is the principle of cooling?
  3. Why has real estate sector down from last 7-8 yrs

Member 4

  1. Why so many states have lost in Afghanistan.
  2. Was the American attack on Iraq good? Opinion
  3. (Pressed to give opinion)

Member 5

  1. What is special in Maharashtra today( it was shiv Jayanti).
  2. Tell me two points about Nasik
  3. Name all 12 jyotirlingas


  1. Tell me the importance of western ghats to India.
  2. How are biodiversity hotspots selected?
  3. Who were the first invaders to India?
    Thank you.
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