[UPSC Interview Transcript #101]: BS Bassi Board, Karnataka Home State, Writing, Non fiction book Hobbies

Date of  Interview: 2 March, 20
Board: BS Bassi
Background: Mechanical Engineer
Employee:  ITC Ltd(tobacco)
Home State: Karnataka
Hobbies: Writing, Non fiction book


  1. (showing photo)Is it you?
  2. Which book have you read recently?(Hobby)
  3. Breif history of time , tell me about it?(linked to book)
  4. Okay, forget the universe, Tell me the history of india?
  5. Not the political , the continent history ?
  6. How will the Indian continent end ?

Member 1

  1. So you are a writer? Which language you write?(hobby)
  2. recite the one you have recently written?
  3. What was your role at ITC (work)
  4. What’s your opinion on Tobacco(work)
  5. What’s the global and National trend in Tobacco(work)

Member 2

  1. What is recent Defence and aerospace development around you?(Banglore)
  2. What is the future of entrepreneurship in these sectors?
  3. What are the Challenges to MSME

Member 3

  1. What is Oil diplomacy? How has it changed the world?
  2. You spoke about Energy security of india? Tell me about it?
  3. What are disruptive change in energy in last five years
  4. How shale is extracted? Mechanism
  5. Tell me about Regebrativ breaking?(mechanical engineering)
  6. Tell me about Gandhian economics(Book I read)
  7. Have you read small is beautiful?
  8. Should we make the economy small or big?

Member 4

  1. You heard of its about need and not greed?
  2. How is it related to SDG? Tell me?
  3. Recently niti has released a National SDG report elaborate, please?
  4. What is Bhadravti famous for? (Karnataka)
  5. Why was steel factory established?
  6. Tell me about Raisina dialogue


  1. Help me with current Syrian condition in two minutes(last six month)
    Okay your interviw is over. Thank you.
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