[UPSC Interview Transcript #113]: PK Joshi Board, Telangana Home State, Cricket, Badminton, Traveling Hobbies

Board: PK Joshi
Background: B. Tech (ECE)
Employee: NABARD
Home State: Telangana
Hobbies: cricket, badminton, traveling


  1. Gave a reading of DAF
  2. What are you doing currently
  3. What’s ur role in NABARD
  4. When did coins come into usage
  5. What is money
  6. If ur the dm of ur district which two problems you will solve?

Member 1

  1. (grilled) -( questions on my grad degree)
  2. What is fiscal deficit and how to bring it down?
  3. What is frbm act?
  4. What is the current budget target of fiscal deficit reduction?
  5. What are India’s major exports
  6. With growing protectionism do you think india is losing on electronics manufacturing?
  7. In the last 4 yrs did India’s exports increase or decrease?

Member 2

  1. (questions on my optional)
  2. Why was India invaded from Northwest?
  3. Why do South India has so many lofty temples? Why not in North India
  4. Why do we read more about Magadha and North indian history during ancient phase? (Cross questions followed) Greatness of Ashoka

Member 3

  1. (random questions)pk
  2. Data privacy
  3. Difference between personal data and sensitive data?
  4. Is data protection justified?

Member 4

  1. (on hobbies)
  2. Indian badminton players who won Olympic medals
  3. What resulted after their victories in Olympics
  4. Govt initiatives to promote sports
  5. How will you develop lepakshi Village?
  6. Ur favorite historical figures and why?

Chairman: Thank you!

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