[UPSC Interview Transcript #104]: RN. Chaubey Board, Kannada literature Optional, Jogging, diary writing, playing Dollu

Board: Chaubey sir
Background: BE (ECE)
Employee: in Telecom networking.
Hobbies: Jogging, diary writing,  playing Dollu, a double-sided drum
Optional: Kannada literature

Very cordial board. Most of the questions are from DAF and work experience related.


  1. Tell me about your education and work experience in one minute.
  2. Contribution of Visvesvaraya (by college name)
  3. What you learned 2 things while working in the company.
  4. About company and products supplying.
  5. Telecom sector challenges

Member 1

  1. What things you write in Diary?
  2. Why diary writing ?
  3. Are you fitness freak ? How long u do jogging daily?
  4. What are the other benefits of jogging than physical fitness?

Member 2

  1. International yoga day and its influence on world.
  2. How it helping India in interny arena.
  3. BSNL issues, is privatisation can be solution for it?
  4. What more needs be do?

Member 3

  1. Explain about Dollu
  2. Other percussion instruments
  3. What needs to do for popularization of regional art forms

Member 4

  1. Explain about Cauvery water issue.
  2. Is declaring rivers of country as national resources and having uniform solution?
  3. What other things need to be done to solve water issue


  1. Would you like to ask anything? Is there any area that you expect questions?
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