[UPSC Interview Transcript #108]: RN. Chaubey Board, Rajasthan Home State, already in IRAS

Date of Interview: 4 March
Board: RN. Chaubey
Background: IITD (Civil)
Home State:  Rajasthan
Medium: Hindi
Currently in IRAS


  1. (made me first comfortable)
  2. You are already in IRAS. Why do u want to come to IAS?
  3. Cash and accrual accounting? Which is better?
  4. What type of accounting is followed in IOCL and other PSUs??


  1. PPP model, types of it, HAM

Member 2

  1. Asked some questions on Bollywood Music, miniature paintings of Rajasthan, Progress of make in India?
  2. Blue revolution?

Member 3

  1. Defense budget issues like revenue expenditure are more? What should we do??
  2. What is non lapsable funds??

Member 4

  1. Need of Logistic policy?
  2. what should we include in that?
  3. Should we intervene in Afghanistan by our military power? What are the stakes of India over there?
  4. Components of samagra Shiksha Abhiyan? SDG4?

Chairman: Do you want to talk about something else which we missed out on?
Your interview is over. All the best.

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