[UPSC Interview Transcript #92]: RN. Choubey Board, Delhi Home State, PSIR Optional, Painting Hobby

Interview Date: 28 Feb – Forenoon (6th to go, afternoon session candidates started
coming in while I was still waiting)
Board : R N Choubey Sir
Home State: Delhi
Optional: PSIR
Employee: Software engineer in Cisco
Hobby: Painting


( Briefed me on the interview process )

  1. So, are you still working for Cisco?
  2. So, you did your preparation while working ?
  3. What’s your role in Cisco?
  4. Are those applications for internal use or does it have other clients ?
  5. Do you get to work on a lot of projects ?
  6. What is Machine learning?
  7. How will the machine be able to understand data ?
  8. Can you give examples of those algorithms

Member 1

  1. How will you increase the use of digital payments in rural areas?
  2. What are the pros and cons of it?
  3. As you work for a corporate, do you think it’s easier to promote diversity in India than globally?

Member 2

  1. 15 years back , Cisco was alleged of using data that passed through its switches and routers?
  2. Do you think it’s possible ?
  3. So , do you think that Huawei can do it through 5G network?
  4. I find it interesting that you have topped the school in Hindi in board exams. How many were there in the class?
  5. (Just wanted to know if it’s not like the joke where someone comes first in race when only 2 participated)
  6. So you can speak in Hindi?
  7. What made you to choose Hindi over Tamil as 2nd language?
  8. What is infinity ?
  9. Chairman : What is infinity minus infinity?

Member 3

  • Do you think Judiciary is going beyond its limits?
  • Doesn’t it interfere in the works of executive and legislative?
  • Don’t you think it’s biting more than it can chew?
    (I am assuming Judiciary related questions were because my Father is a Lawyer)

Member 4

  1. Are you hungry ?
  2. (But we are , so we would like to finish it faster.)
  3. (So I will ask you all rapid fire questions and you have to answer likewise.)
  4. Do you know who started this all ?
  5. Do you know who started it all ? It started in television. No I mean rapid fire questions.
  6. What is money order ?
    1. How do they send money ?
    2. Does it still exist ?
    3. I see a very unique approach by you to mix 2 forms of painting ? Do you do it that way ?
  7. (I am not asking about all 3 , just 2 forms)
  8. In Delhi, when you go around in buses you can see women not buying tickets. They are
  9. Just given pink tickets to know the count. Do you think such freebies are necessary?
  10. On the eve of the Delhi elections Arvind Kejriwal announced that its costing the government 140
  11. crores and they are planning to extend it to all school students irrespective of gender. Do you think
  12. a developing country like India can afford such deficit?

Chairman : Your interview is over. We had a good conversation. We wish you a wonderful future.

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