[UPSC Interview Transcript #70]: RN Choubey Board, Political Science Optional, Organic farming, enthusiast & learning postmodern, paintings Hobbies

Interview Date: 25/02/2020
Board: RN Choubey sir
Background: Mechanical Engineering
Employee: TAFE
Optional: Political Science
Hobbies: Organic farming, enthusiast & learning postmodern,


A very smiling and attractive personality with a great aura…

  1. Hello Vishnu I have to tell few things. We would like to enjoy our conversation with you and we will be very friendly to you. If you don’t know any particular thing please do tell it so that we can move to the next topic. Shall we start?
  2. Please tell me abt ur academic and professional background.
  3. Why did you resign from the job?
  4. Do u have a plan B if you don’t clear civil services?
  5. Me: I want to join NGO specifically the NGO called Teach for India. In recent times I’m thinking to start a consultancy service for job creation. Since I believe for India to become a developed country we need job intensive growth I’m interested in doing so.
  6. Okay, who will be the client of your consultancy services? Sir, govt….
  7. Okay, Nice idea.

Member 1

  1. You are from Mechanical background what is your analysis of the current auto sector slowdown?
  2. I said my analysis and used the word CYCLICAL
  3. What do you mean by cyclical? (One I said what is cyclical he noted down something in his paper) ((Meanwhile, chairman stood up, left his seat, went behind is seat, and become more relaxed))
  4. Do you see so many aircrafts flying in the sky every day? Yes sir.
  5. Who controls them especially the safety? It’s controlled by DGCA using the Air Navigation System (ANS) with help of GAGAN software.
  6. What is the full form of GAGAN? Don’t remember sir.
  7. Who developed it? Govt in collaboration with I guess ISRO sir I’m not sure. ((Very very cordially,
  8. Chairman intervened and said it’s okay
  9. Okay, our aviation industry is not doing much well.. long sentences.. what do you think?
  10. ((Before I answered, Chairman intervened to suggest me.. first of all do you agree with him that our aviation sector is not doing well? ))
  11. Before LPG reforms, it was not doing well after 1991 Pvt players entered and brought
  12. Yet our full potential is not reached so govt came with the UDAN scheme.
  13. No, I’m not asking about air transport, I’m asking about airplane manufacturing.
  14. The chairman as usual intervened to help me and asked the member to clarify whether he is taking abt airways or airplane production. Yes, I’m asking abt aircraft production. First of all, do we produce aircraft???
  15. Yes sir at HAL for defense purposes but we don’t produce for civilian purposes. And of course sir to a greater extent I agree that in terms of manufacturing we are not doing well.
  16. Okay, what is the impact of electric vehicle plans on the auto industry?
  17. I said it will make the cars costly sir blah blah
  18. No I’m asking abt how will it affect the assembly lines production systems etc.

Member 2

  1. I said yes we need to restructure the assy line and reskill our employees, Mahindra spent 1.3 lakh crore for it for instance.
  2. Chairman asked the next question taking lead from e-vehicles. How e-vehicle is an improvement over cars with IC engines?
  3. Former will lead to no emissions and helps us overcome air pollution, unlike latter in which emissions are high.
  4. Where from ecars get electricity? Sir from battery.
  5. Where from battery gets electricity? Sir charging infra
  6. Where from chargers get elect? Sir power plants.
  7. So aren’t these power plants using coal are emitting air pollutants? Then why should we go for e-cars? Sir for that reason govt is expanding our renewable energy basket and we are doing well in solar and wind power
  8. So shall I say unless we are successful in renewable energy there is no use of ecars? While to larger extent its logical there is an advantage of ecars even if we assume we get electricity from coal power plants only.. the emissions from IC engines are very high and difficult to manage.
  9. He was satisfied.

Member 3

  1. You are a mech engineer and why did u choose pair?
  2. Have you read western political thought?
  3. Do you think Plato has talked about communism?
  4. How is it different from Karl Marx’s communism??
  5. Have you heard about the social contracts?
  6. What is the difference between SC of Hobbes Locke and Rousseau?
  7. Did Hobbes recognize the right to property?
  8. (((He wanted to ask some more question. But the chairman finished it and ask the next member to take over.)))

Member 4

  1. It’s fascinating to see as Mech eng u have so much interest in Political science.
  2. What is exactly Marx’s idea and how he differs from others?
  3. Do you know his dialectical materialism and how it is different from Hegel’s dialectics of ideas?
  4. For the next question with so much enthusiasm he opens his mouth, but Chairman intervened and said we have tested all those theoretical knowledge in Mains so let’s ask something else.
  5. U said abt UDAN how its diff from previous policies? Sir don’t know exactly what was the previous policy.
  6. Now chairman asked me,, it’s okay to tell some features of UDAN?
  7. The member now said, these airline companies dont upkeep their promises made under UDAN to give subsidized seats to passengers what do you think? Govt needs to monitor sir.
  8. He said yes it should monitor and review also.
  9. Your hobby is organic farming. Where did this organic farming start in India and what’s
  10. happening? In ancient times it existed. Now Sikkim fully org. Then spread to almost all states. Like?
  11. TN Andhra UP. (((Chairman intervened. Started talking in Tamil. Where org farming is done in TN?…. he is from TN cadre)))

Member 5

  1. Abt TPM, it’s a project in my company
  2. You worked in a tractors company. Mahindra brought driverless tractors. What’s ur view?? Any
  3. tech in agri is good. But its mostly costly. We need more custom hiring centres.
  4. What is Industrial Revolution 4.0?
  5. Is India prepared for it?
  6. What is going to be its impact on India?


  1. We are giving an opportunity to all to talk abt something which we did not ask. Do you wanna tell me something? I said abt a kind of painting am learning right now and the values it teaches us and how I found it to be relevant to civil services.
  2. He gave a bright smile. Said some positive words and said it is over. Observations:
  3. Chairman has been much helpful and ultra cordial person whose introduction helped me to be more cool and cheerful.
  4. He ensured the interview is a conversation rather than a quest answer session. Ultimately cordial and converse. He dint follow any transitional patterns. He was very chill and dignified and made the entire interaction cool.
  5. Some members weren’t specific abt their questions and so they corrected me as to what they are exactly asking and so I answered to it then.
  6. Overall it was a great experience. I would suggest you all to just be yourself and more positive. They take extra efforts to keep us cool. Some board dont try to be cordial but I feel only important factor in interview is to be confident smiling and positive and dont have any expectations. Good luck to candidates in line.????

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