[UPSC Interview Transcript #83]: Sathiyavathy Board, Rajasthan Home State, PSIR Optional

Board: Sathiyavathy Madam
NIT Warangal
Home State: Rajasthan
Background: Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Optional: PSIR


  1. Mam read out the DAF
  2. So u lived in warangal
  3. What is the status of naxalism there
  4. Why it has come down there and not in other states like CG, Odisha
  5. What are steps taken at Center and state level.

Member 1

  1. Some pol sci questions which I never heard : politely said NO
  2. Measures which can be taken to boost Tourism in Rajasthan

Member 2

  1. So you belong to Chittorgarh, what is it famous for?
  2. Why did they commit Jauhar?
  3. How many times Jauhar happened?
  4. You have studied electrical and electronics engineering, what subject you like most ?I said all
  5. He asked, how do we get electricity?
  6. Why this three stages ? Why cant we can directly generate and use it ?
  7. Why voltage is step up , then down , then down ?
  8. Why cant we transmit at low voltage ?
  9. Why voltages always like 33, 132 KV etc ?
  10. Why only multiple of 11 ?

Member 3

  1. Couple of questions I m not able to recollect right now?
  2. Why India pulled out of RCEP?

 Member 4

  1. What do you mean by the term ” thinking out of the box “‘?
  2. Have you ever thought out of the box in your life? Share it.
  3. Tell me something about Locust?
  4. Two women-centric problems of society and how can you solve them?
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