[UPSC Interview Transcript #76]: Sathiyavathy Board, Uttar Pradesh Home State, Mechanical Engineering Optional, Blogging,

Interview Date: 27 Feb 2020
Board: Sathiyavathy Ma’am
Background: IIT-KGP Dual Degree Mech Engg.
Optional: Mechanical Engineering
Home State:  Uttar Pradesh
Employee: ONGC
Hobbies: Blogging, Evening Running


  1. Is it your pic?
  2. Readout aloud my DAF
  3. Learnings taken out of Germany, Japan, Hong Kong experiences (from DAF)
  4. Bullet train feasibility in India
  5. Difference of bullet train with Train18

Member 1

  1. Hong Kong vs China issue
  2. How to improve IAS working from your Japan experience
  3. Reasons of high divorces, suicides in Japan and how to address
  4. Where do we mf bullet trains in Japan?
  5. Who was somebody famous by the same name( i.e. Kobe above answered)?

Member 2

  1. Olympic marathon runner in news(UK based), his coach’s name(coz I knew the runner -_- ) and issue
  2. Why evening running?
  3. What is Samsung Bot air and AI skin(had coauthored a robotics research paper)

Member 3

  1. Difference between IC engines and turbine
  2. About Aircraft jet engines. Why no IC engines in aircraft?
  3. Diesel-Electric locomotives and diesel locomotives

Member 4

  1. What is balanced development?
  2. What are MDGs and SDGs?
  3. India’s achievement of SDGs
  4. SDG monitoring authority, criteria
  5. Questions on NITI Aayog
  6. What are 5Ps?

P.S. Interview was super smooth. Felt like a breeze. Still clocked 30-35 mins.
Might be missing some ques and might have mixed ques btw members.

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