[UPSC Interview Transcript #87]: Smita Nagraj Board, Mathematics Optional, Dancing, Cooking Hobbies

Date of Interview: 28/02/2020
Board: Smt Smita Nagraj
Background: B.Tech & MS in Civil Engg
Optional: Maths
Employee: NABARD
Hobbies: dancing, cooking (no questions asked on hobbies)


  1. How is your work in NABARD?
  2. Do we need NABARD? Are other institutions not sufficient?
  3. Gov also has specialised staff, monitoring personnel, etc.? As you have mentioned tribal development, Govt is also working in this area? Why NABARD then?

Member 1

  1. Ministry of Rural Development and NABARD are working together for a govt scheme. Which one is it?
  2. What is NABARDs role in PM Awas Yojana?
  3. Do you know about Parliamentary committees? Name some of them, their purpose and issues.

Member 2

  1. Which prize is given for people working in Maths below a certain age? Do you know who got it recently?
  2. Since you have been in Mumbai, what is the bloodbath in the market? What are reasons for falling stock market in past 6 months?
  3. What is SENSEX? how is it calculated? Can you name some more famous indices internationally?

Member 3

  1. Some questions on lending and development activities of NABARD
  2. What is RTI Act? What was the recent amendment? What are its issues? What is CEC and what are its issues?

Member 4

  1. Why did you not pursue a career in transportation engineering after having such qualification?
  2. Name some modern technologies in transportation.
  3. What is hyperloop and hypersonic travel? Where is it being planned in India?
  4. What are the issues with having autonomous vehicles in India?
  5. What is maglev? Where has it been commercialized?


  1. What is your opinion on 3 capitals for Andhra Pradesh?
  2. What about having executive & legislature in one place and the judiciary in one place?
  3. What about some reports on buying of land with insider information?
    Interview is over
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