[UPSC Interview Transcript #69]: Smita Nagraj Board, Rajasthan Home State, Geography Optional, Solving Sudoku, Photography Hobbies

Duration: 25-30 mins
Board: Smita Nagraj ma’am
Background: Mechanical Engineering
Optional: Geography
Home State: Rajasthan
Hobbies: Solving Sudoku, Photography


  1. What were you doing from past few years?
  2. What motivated you to come for this service?
  3. Backward or aspirational Rajasthan?
  4. Backward regions of Rajasthan?
  5. Compare the development of South Rajasthan and southeast Rajasthan?
  6. What are good administration things in Rajasthan?
  7. Coaching industry Kota?
  8. The geopolitical significance of Siachen glacier
  9. Bosphorus strait and Istanbul? Geopolitical issues wrt turkey?
  10. Link history and geography of the UK? It has any link with Brexit?
  11. History and geography linkage of US?
  12. What if USA didn’t have 2 coasts? Then also it would emerge as a great power?
  13. Malacca strait and importance?
  14. India’s image wrt freeness in shipping has grown? What was the trigger point?
  15. Santhara vs euthanasia? Your personal stand on it?

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