[UPSC Interview Transcript #114]: Sujata Mehta Board, Public administration Optional

Duration: Approx 25 mins
5th to go afternoon session
Board: Sujata Mehta Ma’am
Employee:  SBI
IA & AS 2018
Optional: Public administration
Background: B. Tech+MBA


  1. Is this you
  2. Do you know about 3d printing what are it’s medical uses
  3. Are we focussing on it
  4. Enough resources going towards it
  5. Public vs private sector focus on 3d printing
  6. You audit dept of biotechnology and raise objection if some research fails so what are your views on that

Member 1

  1. Who is father of management
  2. Management vs administration
  3. Govt has no business to be in business
  4. Failing PSU should be closed and govt should restrict itself to Regulation only
  5. Examples of bsnl air India hotel businesses and some counter questions
  6. Recent changes in companies act 2 days back

Member 2

  1. Is there any need of bullet train burden on general public justify it and some counter questions
  2. Any alternative hyperloop Elon Musk
  3. Pesticides alternative
  4. Use of Information technology in irrigation

Member 3

  1. Manga anime what’s the difference how it is beneficial DAf
  2. Traditional games DAF
  3. Some other questions I’m not able to recall

Member 4

  1. What are payment banks name some payment banks
  2. How do they function who are their customers
  3. How much loan do they give
  4. Anything else we should ask you


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