[UPSC Interview Transcript #124]: Sujata Mehta Board, Andhra Pradesh Home State,

Contributed by ForumIAS community member
Date of Interview: 03-03-2020, FORENOON SESSION,
Board: Sujata Mehta
Home State: Andhra Pradesh
Employee: Police Constable


  1. Introduced yourself.?
  2. Why did you resign from the Police constable job?
  3. Is it your first attempt?
  4. Tell me the relevance of vocational education today..? (DAF based)
  5. what is your duty as a constable in coastal security police station..?

Member 1

  1. You got NCC “B” Certificate?
  2. Tell me how it changed your personality?
  3. Have you ever done Firing? And with what weapon?
  5. Do we need to make NCC compulsory?
  6. Do we need to change NCC uniform?
  7. How did you engage in counseling to HIV AND AIDS patients? (DAF)

Member 2

  1. What is the mental condition of HIV patient..?
  2. Does HIV patients need Reservation in Government Jobs..?
  3. CHAIR PERSON INTERVENED: Where have you worked as LAB TECHNICIAN.. In
  4. pathological lab or Hospital.?
  5. Why ENGINEERING graduates are not having desired skills to catch up industrial jobs? (I am not an engineer)
  6. Have you been trained in LATEST MEDICAL LAB TECHNIQUES..? What was your curriculum?

Member 3

  1. What do you feel about POLICE SYSTEM and it’s image in today society?
  2. why do police lacking SENSITIVITY towards vulnerable sections..?
  3. Do police face resources crunch..?
  4. why Law and Order is out of control in India (not in DELHI)

Member 4

  1. What is your opinion on ANDHRA PRADESH Telangana bifurcation..?
  2. How Can Andhra Pradesh use its COASTAL AREA for revenue generation?
  3. what about 15 th finance commission?
  4. What is 4th INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION as you mention? (I talked about this while answering LATEST MEDICAL LAB TECHNIQUES ) what were REST OF THREE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION S..?
  5. Is our country prepared for 4th industrial revolution.? Can we include ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and CODING in school curriculum..?
  1. Have you ever been to SEA PATROLLING or Humanitarian and disaster rescue duty?
  2. Is there anything you want to discuss?

Ok.. your interview is over.

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